Those Adorable Minions

So one of my best friends wanted to see The Minions, and I wanted to hang out with her, and the movie did look cute, so we went yesterday evening. It was a bit of a disappointment. It wasn’t an awful movie. It was cute, and it was fun, but it was a little too silly for me.

I realize when going to see an animated kid’s movie, I should expect a cinematic experience with content for the intended audience, and I am a fan of children’s movies. There’s so many out there that are really good. In fact, my favorite movie is a “kid’s movie.” I suppose then, my issue is that I’ve been spoiled by really good kid’s movies with well-developed plots. I really enjoyed Despicable Me (which for anyone who doesn’t know is what The Minions is a spin-off of). Despicable Me was such a fun movie. It was cute, a little silly, but still quite enjoyable. And then of course everyone loved Gru’s henchmen, those adorable yellow bubbly little Minions.

But a whole movie about these creatures who speak some sort of language that’s a mix of gibberish and Spanish turned out to be too much. The Minions didn’t have the same charm as Despicable Me, and it didn’t really have that great of a plot. Like I mentioned earlier, the movie was silly and that was largely due to its shallow plot. The Minions apparently feel lonely and depressed when not serving an evil master so three members of the tribe set off to search for one. They run into the world’s biggest villain who wants them to steal the queen of England’s crown. The beginning of the movie did seem promising. It was fun and looked like it was going somewhere, but it led to not enough happening. Events in the movie got pretty ridiculous. Were I younger, I would’ve loved this movie.I wouldn’t have cared about the plot and the jokes were mostly meant to make kids laugh anyway.

The Minions are still adorable though.
The Minions are still adorable though.

The silliness and cuteness is perfect for young children. If you have children, young siblings, nieces, nephews, etc., this would be a fun movie to take them to. But if you like children’s movies and you’re going to see it for yourself, it might be better to wait for Redbox or something. I don’t regret going, but I do think it’s more of a wait-for-Redbox sort of movie not a spend-your-money-on-an-actual-movie-ticket movie. It’s not the wonderful sort of children’s story you’ll find in such movies as How to Train Your Dragon or Tangled. I think Universal saw how loved the Minions were in Despicable Me and wanted to try to make some money off of them, so they quick created a spin-off story. And they are succeeding in making their money, especially through promotional products. I see Minion stuff everywhere! I do  have to admit, though, that those Minion tic-tacs are so cute!

Lol, genius.
Lol, genius.

The Minions is not a terrible movie, but it’s not that great either. If you were planning on seeing it, go ahead and go through with it. If you weren’t, don’t worry about it; there’s plenty of other movies you can watch. For example, if you have yet to watch Despicable Me, hop to it!

3 thoughts on “Those Adorable Minions

  1. I think the Minions are adorable, too. I haven’t seen the movie, but I think I’d feel the same. I LOVED Despicable Me. But I just don’t think Minions would be up to par. Sorry it wasn’t great!

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