Fill My Cup

I took the day to fill my cup
But you come to puncture my soul
The water leaves, streaming out
My life, my happiness, my hope
It is as though, the thirst will stay
Yearning, yearning, wanting more
I see the water pure and sweet
Why must you persist in blocking me?
You steal my water, pour it out
You don’t even appreciate it whole
You’re always there, watching me
I can’t escape your hold
I hold the pitcher to pour it in
You’re on your way, I know
It is clear water, but you grab the die
Slowly, you taint my soul.

That Road Not Taken

That Road Not Taken

Two Roads Diverged in a Yellow Wood
One claims the fun
One claims the play
The other provides insight
The other incites delay
One is righteous
One is evil
Which is the one less trodden on?
I’m over this metaphor.
I choose what I want.
I’m taking this path.
No-one can tell me it’s wrong.
This is the path I choose.
Two roads diverged?
One mind diverged
When I find peace with myself
The decision is easy
No more conflict rests within me
The Road Not Taken
Strays far from me
I will not worry
And I do not regret.
That Road Not Taken?
Out of sight
Out of mind.

My Flower

Perfect temperature
Enough sunlight
Just enough rain
And a
Pure environment,

Despite it all,
My flower

Poetic Wednesday: The Fire

I thought the fact that
It existed was enough.

I was too far away to
Realize that it didn’t burn bright.

I never expected you to pull out
A bucket to douse the flames.

By the time I came close again,
I was far too late.

At first I did nothing but
Listen to the hiss.

I could see the little light
Quickly fade out.

It was then I tried hard to
Reignite those flames.

With a scoff, you kicked so
Much dirt into the pit.

You turn to walk away not
Noticing the embers that remain.

I reach for one and it’s
Not as hot as I had hoped.

As you disappear into the distance
I realize you might never know.

You might never know that
In my palm I will always hold
One undying spark.