Jurassic World…and Chris Pratt!

Last week, I saw Jurassic World, a movie I’d been dying to see. 

To be perfectly honest, 25% of the reason I was dying to see the movie was because the trailer looked good. The other 75% was derived from the fact that Chris Pratt was playing the main character. I mean, after seeing Guardians of the Galaxy I couldn’t help but notice the man. If you don’t know, I’m a huge Marvel fan, and that movie was fantastic, so naturally Mr. Pratt started jumping up towards the top of my favorite actors list. And then Andy from Parks and Rec. With that loveable quirkiness, the child-like excitement, the crazy ideas, how could I not love a character like that? I want someone with his personality to invite himself into my friend group…Oh dear, it appears my initial review of Jurassic World was interrupted with ramblings of Chris Pratt.

So. The movie. I loved it! I’ve been asked how it compares to the other films, but unfortunately I cannot comment. I saw that original trilogy when I was really young and it scared me to tears — literally. So, were I to compare the movies based on my initial reactions,Jurassic World was epic perfection in comparison to the original three which were diabolical torture devices. But the actual gap probably isn’t that far. I’m sure were I to watch the older movies again, I wouldn’t cry—at least, I hope not. If my reaction to Jurassic World is any indication, then tears of fear and hate for the movies are the furthest emotions from the truth.

To keep attendance and interest in the Jurassic World park (although I think having any breathing dinosaur to show off is interesting enough) the board of directors looks to science to create a new dinosaur to pique interest every few years. The researchers do not fail to impress. They create an incredible dinosaur of their own design, the Indominus Rex, but they didn’t realize just how intelligent it is, so once it escapes, the entire park dissolves into a chaotic frenzy.

The storyline was very engaging and moved at a fast enough pace to maintain my attention. The cast was chosen splendidly (and no, I’m not just talking about Chris Pratt) as all the acting was very well done. Colin Treverroww did a superb job directing this film. And then the CGI was on point. With today’s technology and talented animators, it was awesome to see the scenes and dinosaurs come to life on-screen one I would and probably will spend the time to watch again. Everything looked so amazing and the scenery so pretty that I wanted to visit the park…If it weren’t for that one minor detail of potential death due to roaming ravenous carnivores…

Jurassic World is a film well done, one that I’m definitely willing to spend the time to re-watch. It’s a fun thrill ride into a dangerous world of prehistoric beings and very human antagonists.

I couldn't help myself. Had to post a Pratt pic. Besides, it's offering excellent advice.
I couldn’t help myself. Had to post a Pratt pic. Besides, it’s offering excellent advice.