Poetic Wednesday: Masterpiece

‘Tis but a thought in my head.

It must be on paper.

Nothing but a bunch of lines.

It is not what was envisioned.

A darker shade of grey here and there.

Perhaps a new hue will make it grand.

It is not even close to my dream.

Touch-ups hoping it reaches perfection.

Haven’t the skill to bring it to life.

I will do no more.

It is still the work of my own beautiful mind.

©2015 The Glitter Aficionado

Quotable Friday: Reading with C.S. Lewis

Wouldn’t that be awesome? I can imagine it now, sitting beside him, the great C.S. Lewis, both of us engrossed in books we love. Maybe I’m even reading one of his works. I’ve always had a place in my heart for The Chronicles of Narnia. Or maybe I finally got around to reading some of his other writings. Perhaps some tea and cookies sit on a table in front of us. It would take a lot to pull us from our reading, but we might stop to share some happy thoughts or our excitement for our books…It would simply be wonderful.

For now though, it’s but a dream, and I’ll have to be content with reading the amazing man’s wise words. Here are a few of his quotes that prove his bibliophile status. You might recognize them…

Tea can be quite delectable, and when you're reading a good book...you don't want it to ever end.
Tea can be quite delectable, and when you’re reading a good book…you don’t want it to ever end.

Which is why I read my favorites again and again and again...
     Which is why I read my favorites again and again and again…