Poetic Wednesday: Rose Petals

Rose petals don’t always fall
One by one.
Sometimes they keep dropping
Till their work is done.

Stripped of its beauty—
Color gone,
Thorns remain.
Leaves rotted—
Full of holes,
Thorns remain.
Fragrance lost—
Only a putrid smell,
Thorns remain.

Petals lost,
Forever gone,
The wind will take
What was once loved.

©2015 The Glitter Aficionado

Poetic Wednesday: The River

The River

Infamous —
The glistening water flows.

Dangerous —
The rapids are exposed.

Beautiful —
It shimmers in the night.

Curious —
The people stop to stare.

Incredulous —
“Why! It’s only a creek!” some cry.

Stupefied —
“No, it’s quite magnificent,” some sigh.

Greedily —
Some want to own the land.

Horrified —
Some stop and take a stand.

Mysterious —
For depending on the propinquity,
And the observing personality,
The River is never the same.

©2015 The Glitter Aficionado

Once again, this poem is up for interpretation. I’d love to hear what you think, so leave a comment and let me know! 🙂