You poke prod and play.

I feel it.

All I do is feel
Just feel it
That’s all
All I feel like I can do
All I want to

But now I hold it towards you
Bringer it closer than before
To pretend to have control
As you toy with what is sacred.

I know what I want.
I know what I need.
I know what I deserve.
I let this cloud my mind and
Poison my judgement.

I wish I said these things to you
I have of the agency of my own mind

Of my own voice

But I choose not to use them.
Instead I return
Over and over
Letting your inexpiable amusement
Tear it slowly

To my own demise.


Poetic Wednesday: Heart and Mind

Vines that entrap the heart
Do not spare the mind.

Heart and Mind;
They intertwine.

But despite their proximity,
Why can they not agree?

Their daily battles result
In nothing more than hopeless confusion.

Mind says no, never again,
But Heart yearns, please, return my friend.

Mind says yes, ’tis a good idea,
But Heart refuses oh so vehemently.

Their daily battles do not relent,
Only causing ache and stress.

Mind, obviously so capable of love,
Refuses to accept emotion.

Heart, truly understands reason,
But decides to reject it completely.

Will the day ever come?
When they decide to be just one?

When compromise will be Victor,
And emotion and reason will live together.

Until then, the war rages on,
Heart and Mind know not what is right.

Vines that entrap the heart
Do not spare the mind.