After weeks of deliberation and careful planning—who am I kidding? It’s nearly two in the morning, which means it is the absolute best time to be making decisions, so I have decided to start a blog! I suppose the first post is where one usually introduces herself, so hello! As the title suggests, I am quite fond of glitter—anything sparkly in fact. Sparkles is my favorite color. And yes, no doubt some of you are thinking that sparkles is not a color, but there’s no sense in arguing with me now. Besides, as I’ve just published this post, the statement is on the internet, and since you can trust everything you read on the internet, it’s obviously true, is it not? I’m soon to be a sophomore in college and I have a love for many things and people. You’re sure to learn of them eventually if you stick around. I have no idea what my focus with this blog will be at the moment. Most likely a variety of things such as sharing with you my love for books, various musings as I feel inspired, anecdotes that I hope you find interesting, and of course glitter! So, thank you for stopping by! I’d offer you a mug of hot chocolate, but alas, as we are on virtual terms at the moment, I cannot. I suppose I could offer you a virtual drink though, which means you can really have anything you want if hot chocolate isn’t up your alley. Perhaps a magic elixir suits your fancy? 😉 Leave a comment and let me know if you have any suggestions or just want to say hello. I’d love to hear from you. Welcome to the Reverie of a Glitter Aficionado!