Adventures and a whirlwind

I’m a reader. Always have been and probably always will be. I love jumping into a book and entering a new world filled with adventure. Traveling beside characters as they encounter danger, thrill, betrayal, hope, romance, and gah! so many emotions!

I love it! I love when I pick up a good book and I can feel the story happening next to me. When I’m so lost, I don’t know what’s going on in the real world around me. When I can envision everything the author speaks of. When the words are so perfect, they flow together as a beautiful masterpiece. When I turn to the last page, and for a moment, I’m sad because there isn’t another page to turn, but I can still breathe a sigh of happiness, knowing my time was well spent on something worthwhile.

This is why I read. I read because for me, it’s an experience. Every time is a new adventure, and with a good book, it’s an adventure I’m glad I took. With a great book, it’s an adventure I will repeat. Then there’s the bad books. They’re like mistakes— adventures when you just wish you’d stayed home. Sometimes I feel bad, especially if I’m a writing a review because I know, no matter how awful the book, the author put time into writing the story. It’s a shame; sometimes, the story just didn’t engage me, but in some unfortunate cases, the writing was just plain terrible.

But when there’s so much good literature out there, I can forgive. I won’t stop reading because of some haphazard barely-worth-noting misadventure. There’s way too many brilliant stories waiting for me to dive into. Stories where authors dug into their creative imaginations and wove a masterpiece. Stories where the details take you on a journey to a new world, so vivid you’ll taste the air. Stories where the characters are so well developed, they’re tangible. Stories where the plot keeps you engaged until the very last word. These are the stories that surpass the title for “good book.” These are the stories you’ll never forget, the characters you’ll love like dear friends, the adventures you’ll return to again and again. These stories will become your favorites that you won’t be able to stop gushing about if they’re brought up.

These are the stories that make me love reading. The reason I’ve been addicted forever. They will whisk me away in a whirlwind of beautiful words that I never want to escape… and it is this whirlwind that entices me to return to the imaginative world of fiction again and again.