Quotable Friday: Dr. Seuss


This quote is currently relevant to my life, but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I feel like it is definitely good advice. It’s better to dwell on the positive things in life. You’ll have a much better everyday attitude in that case, but at the same time, pain is a part of life, and it’s important to let yourself cry every now and then. Sometimes a good cry is what you need. It’s like a physical representation that everything is not okay at the moment and the fact that that there’s water sliding down your face shows your human side. It shows you letting out your emotions which is much better than holding them in all the time. I’m not saying we should go around crying about everything all the time though. Allow yourself to feel the pain and hurt life might throw at you, but after letting out what may feel like negative emotions (they’re really not. Sadness is important), focus on the positive things in your life, or even the positive aspects of the situation that made you cry. Trust me, it leaves you so much happier in the long run. Dr. Seuss was on the right track with this quote, I do promote it, but it’s also important to cry every so often. We’re only human after all.