The Bulb

Sometimes a bulb is planted but
It chooses not to bloom until the planter waters another.
When there are too many blooms, the planter
Chooses the prettiest to cut and display, hidden from the light, but
It is the one not cut that will survive the longest.
This one will contain the beauty shared with the world,
As it blooms in nature, for all to see, for all to behold, but
It too will pass one day, but when it does it may leave a child
For the world to keep forever, and through this,
The bloom will never fail.

Many bulbs are planted.
Few will bloom.
And only one could ever last forever.


You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You look around you, but you can’t see
They meld together unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You try to speak, but words don’t exist
You see them meld together unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You try to touch, but there is nothing
You say they meld together unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You listen intently, but there is no sound
You feel them meld together unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You inhale deeply, but there is no smell
You hear them meld together unknown…

You wake up in an unfamiliar room
You try to lick, but there is nothing to taste
You smell them meld together unknown…

You wake up in a familiar room
Say the chant, feel your brothers, taste and smell their presence, hear yourself and them and you and them and you and you alone.

You meld together as one,



Fill My Cup

I took the day to fill my cup
But you come to puncture my soul
The water leaves, streaming out
My life, my happiness, my hope
It is as though, the thirst will stay
Yearning, yearning, wanting more
I see the water pure and sweet
Why must you persist in blocking me?
You steal my water, pour it out
You don’t even appreciate it whole
You’re always there, watching me
I can’t escape your hold
I hold the pitcher to pour it in
You’re on your way, I know
It is clear water, but you grab the die
Slowly, you taint my soul.

Star Trek: Beyond — Amazing

Star Trek: Beyond is a fantastic film! I absolutely enjoyed it.

One of the biggest draws was the spectacular CGI. I simply cannot get over how amazing the art was in this movie. In every scene, everything was so well done, and the space scenes were simply beautiful.

The acting was on point as was the engaging story line. There was even character development!

I recently posted a review on where I elaborate on why it’s such a great film. Please check out this link

Ghostbusters — A Hilarious Delight

Now, I am not all too familiar with the original Ghostbusters franchise. Prior to watching this movie tonight all I knew was the renowned “Who you gonna call?” line, but everyone knows that. Ghostbusters was an absolute hilarious delight.

GB 1

The plot of the movie is pretty standard. A group of people work together to ward off evil, which in this movie comes in the form of ghosts, who receive full access to NYC from one man.

But the delivery was fabulous. The characters were all so quirky and funny! Ghostbusters delivered a lot of laughs. The humor wasn’t too much nor was it too dry. There was a good balance of commonly used jokes and humor situational to this specific setting. Kevin was a riot. I was, obviously, extremely thrilled to see the exceedingly handsome Chris Hemsworth appear on screen. His character, however, was only hot. He was kinda an idiot, but the lovable kind that makes you laugh… a lot. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig played their characters very well. Kate McKinnon’s character might be my favorite. She acted like life was a joke and as if she took nothing seriously, but she was actually a brilliant engineer who gets the job done. Leslie Jones’ character was a confident gem. It’s always great to see minorities on the big screen portrayed in a positive light. Speaking of positivity, it was also fabulous to have a cast of mainly women, strong not sexualized women at that!

GB 2
This dorky look is something I definitely dig on Hemsworth. Even if the dorkiness was not on par with the character, lol!

So, the characters were great and needless to say I approve of the casting. The plot was easy to follow despite the constant paranormal-speak, and the special effects were at an appropriate level. They were very well done. They were animated to fit the humorous nature of movie. The movie was charming, humorous, and just a lot of fun! It’s worth the time to kick back and enjoy.

Reasons to Watch Star Trek: The Original Series

Super excited to share my first post on MoviePilot! 

Flash Season 3 Trailer

The first Flash Season 3 trailer has been released and I could not be more excited! In the two minutes, we see that this time around, Barry’s screwing around with the timeline had very real repercussions. Barry’s world is completely different and by getting everything he wanted, we can see he lost everyone else who he loved. 
Cisco is the richest man in America and a playboy it seems, not quite the charm we’re used to. Joe does not have the father-like endearment towards Barry, in fact he doesn’t even want to talk to him it seems. Iris doesn’t know Barry, but he’s determined to change that and embrace what seems to be their destiny. We don’t really see much else other than the major fact Barry’s family is together. All three of them. Father. Mother. Barry. 

But with all the repercussions in place, who other than Reverse -Flash to tell Barry he was wrong? Even call him the villain?! 

This trailer looked so promising, and I can hardly wait for the season premiere on October 3!

((My one complaint was that I didn’t catch a glimpse of my bae, Harrison Wells in this trailer, but I know Tom Cavanagh will be in this season.))

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me

TopTenIt’s been a little while since I participated in the Broke and the Bookish blog’s Top Ten Tuesday, but here we go with this week’s extremely open theme: Ten Facts About Me! Some of these you might have already figured out based on my other posts or maybe not. XP

1. I am a rising junior in college.

2. My favorite actor is currently Tom Cavanagh. Brilliant man. Absolutely brilliant. Also due to my newfound love for him, I’m kinda over my old crush. 😄


3. I am the oldest of three and the only daughter.

This is actually harder than I expected. Like I’m not really sure what I want to share, lol.

4. My favorite songs include Partition – Beyoncé, Come Get Her – Rae Sremmund, Panda – Desiigner, I’m Turnt – Lecrae, and Whispers in the Dark – Skillet. (I could totally listen to these for hours.)

5. Captain America has been dethroned as my favorite superhero. Ironically, it was after watching Captain America: Civil War that I decided Black Panther is where it’s at.


6. I’m obsessed with Spinach.

7. Getting really into a superhero show or movie bestows me with a random temporary confidence boost. I mean idk what that is, but I’ll take it.

8. I’ve never been in a serious romantic relationship. That will come eventually methinks. Legit all I’ve had is this lameO 3 day fling, lol.

9. My poetry has turned into an outlet for raw emotions for me.

10. I was interviewed for TV once, but the only thing from my four minute interview they could use was a seriously lame quote.

Cowardice and the Cowardly Dog

The Daily Post hosts a daily prompt every day, today’s being cowardice. As I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to participate I remembered thetelevision show Courage of the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network, and ironically you know what it reminded me of? Fear.

I remember the first and last time I watched that show; it left me in tears. I was pretty young, maybe five or six, but old enough to know that it was a cartoon and not real life, but nonetheless that show freaked me out. Actually to this day, I have no interest whatsoever in watching it. All I remember is there was this giant mosquito thing that the old man crashed into so the couple took it home to nurture it. Then the evil thing sucked all their life out! It left them as bones! Somebody tell me that is not a traumatizing thing for a juvenile to see. So yeah.

I cried.

A lot.

And I was scared.

A lot.

dog.jpgLooking at a image of the dog now, he’s honestly kind of cute. But whatever courage this cowardly dog has…I assure you I do not.

She’s Coming

Every week, Priceless Joy over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers provides a photo prompt for participants to write a 100-150 word piece based on the photo. My submission for this week’s prompt comes in a little over at 169 words.

Thanks to Yinglan for this week’s prompt!


It was his daily mantra. His optimistic hope never wavering.

This is the day. I can feel it.
This is day we will leave. This is the day we will go Home.
It’s been three years since our new Human started taking care of us. I know she loves us as do her younglings, our joy, but our loyalty belongs to our first Human. Today is the day she will return for us.
I can smell it in the air. Today we will finally be reunited. She will come.

Cynthia paused, caught in emotion. She wondered what Bailey was thinking peering from behind the fence. She couldn’t help but think his expectant and hopeful look was not for her but for Desiree. Exactly three years today, that fire had changed everything.
Despite her sorrow, Cynthia had poured so much love into these dogs.

After all, they were her last connection to her dead sister.