Poetic Wednesday: Masterpiece

‘Tis but a thought in my head.

It must be on paper.

Nothing but a bunch of lines.

It is not what was envisioned.

A darker shade of grey here and there.

Perhaps a new hue will make it grand.

It is not even close to my dream.

Touch-ups hoping it reaches perfection.

Haven’t the skill to bring it to life.

I will do no more.

It is still the work of my own beautiful mind.

©2015 The Glitter Aficionado

7 thoughts on “Poetic Wednesday: Masterpiece

  1. I agree; this is beautiful and very original. I’ll give you all the cliches like we’re our own worst critics and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the elegant truth is all masterpieces – written, sung, orated, performed, illustrated are only achieved with practice, practice, practice. Very few are born with raw talent. Thinking of myself as a ‘student of the arts’ makes it somewhat easier to stop self-judgment.

    Well done! Can’t wait for more 😀

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