Flash Fiction!

Every week, Priceless Joy over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers provides a photo prompt for participants to write a 100-150 word piece based on the photo. My submission for this week’s prompt comes in at 117 words.


Photo prompt provided by Pixabay.


He could envision it, burning in solitude.
His prized possession. The one object he placed above anything, the object he loved more than anything or anyone. It represented his dreams and aspirations and so much more. It was him and he was it. Losing it—especially like this…

Tracy gazed through her tears at her husband prostrate in agony on the ground.
She knew.
It was not the house he cried for as she did.
It was not the five years of memories and things they had stored up in there that caused these rare tears to fall from his eyes. It was that thing. That thing he loved more than her.

It was his stupid guitar.



17 thoughts on “Flash Fiction!

  1. Oof, I don’t really blame him for loving his guitar that much, especially if say he’s a musician who relies on his guitar lol. But at the end of the day, things can be replaced. I hope he and Tracy realize that 🙂

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  2. Wonderful how you fashioned your story to lead up to that final line where we learn the only thing he is crying for is his guitar. I guess this is why we say, they are just things and things aren’t as important as people. I think the husband was away that day… Wonderful story.

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