Poetic Wednesday: The Fire

I thought the fact that
It existed was enough.

I was too far away to
Realize that it didn’t burn bright.

I never expected you to pull out
A bucket to douse the flames.

By the time I came close again,
I was far too late.

At first I did nothing but
Listen to the hiss.

I could see the little light
Quickly fade out.

It was then I tried hard to
Reignite those flames.

With a scoff, you kicked so
Much dirt into the pit.

You turn to walk away not
Noticing the embers that remain.

I reach for one and it’s
Not as hot as I had hoped.

As you disappear into the distance
I realize you might never know.

You might never know that
In my palm I will always hold
One undying spark.


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