Black: The Birth of Evil

Black: The Birth of Evil by Ted Dekker


My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Sparkles

Thomas Hunter has been having strange dreams of a different world, and in these dreams he learns that much of humanity will soon be wiped out by a new virus. He alone has the knowledge to stop it. But as he continues to dream to learn more, the line between his reality and the reality of his dreams becomes blurred and he questions which world is the true one. After all, when he wakes up in the other world, it’s as if our world is the dreamworld…

Normally, with a book that left me so thrilled I’d be giving it a four sparkle review, but unfortunately the first third of the book dragged a bit and was super complicated, but once you get through that, Black gets really good. The reason it’s so complicated is because Dekker creates an amazing story. His execution of the premise of the two realities colliding is absolutely brilliant. He creates a complicated world which leaves you wondering what is going on, which gets annoying after a while, but before it gets too annoying, you understand what is happening and then you’re hooked. After the first third of the novel, the action doesn’t stop. The novel keeps moving and there’s thrill and suspense in both of Thomas Hunter’s realities.

Dekker does a pretty decent job with characterization. His main character, Thomas, is very well developed, and you learn a lot about his personality, but his other characters (understandably) are less so, but you are left with a slight yearning to know more about them. His description is on point and it’s very easy to envision the scenes Dekker paints. The plot is engaging and all together these elements provide a good read. My biggest complaint about this novel is that there is a huge cliffhanger at the end, and I really just want to know right now what happens next…

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