Death Note: Volumes III & IV

So, I was able to get a hold of a copy of the second volume of the Black Edition of Death Note. As you many know I thoroughly enjoyed the first two volumes, and let me tell you I was not disappointed by the next installments.

Death Note: Volumes III & IV


My Rating: 4/5 Sparkles

Light continues what he thinks is his noble mission in killing off criminals using the Death Note Ryuk had given him, but he still has the great detective “L” on his tail. L has few leads on who this Kira with special powers killing off people is, but he has a bit of suspicion on the police chief’s son, Light. Deciding to try a new tactic he reveals himself as the revealed L to Light directly, hoping the young man is indeed innocent and can simply help him on his case. Light has no idea how to respond and all their interactions soon become tests of the two’s reasoning capabilities and attempts to figure who the other really is. And then once you add another Death Note holder to the scene, things become a bit more complicated…

Honestly, Tsugumi Ohba is brilliant. The premise and story he created was intriguing in itself from the beginning, but I absolutely love Light and L’s battle of the brains. Both are extremely intelligent individuals so it’s suspenseful and thrilling for me to see how they will proceed, and I never have an idea of how things are going to play out. I was absolutely shocked when L revealed himself to Light. It’s also great to see the character’s thoughts before and after they make their plays. It’s like being in the minds of geniuses. Although the major characters are few, they are enough. All of them are well-developed and interesting. Also the art is still pretty good. I definitely recommend this manga series!

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