FFfAW: A Special Signal

Every week, Priceless Joy over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers provides a photo prompt for participants to write a 100-150 word piece based on the photo. My submission for this week’s prompt comes in a little over at 162 words.


Thanks to Sonya at Only 100 Words for this week’s photo prompt.

I glance down at the photograph, just to double check. This is it. This is where we will set up.
It’s a funny looking water tower, isn’t it? But that’s why it’s perfect. Nobody will be bothering this secluded area anytime soon.

Carl estimated that we’d need the signal to run for at least twenty years. He’s so sure this will contact them. I hope he’s right. We’ve put so much time into this project.

Receiving a response is what will truly define our idea of success. But twenty years to reach them…then how many more till they reach us? Perhaps my daughter will be the one to make first contact. I hear her giggle behind me. The team was hesitant to let my toddler join us, but if this is going to be a big part of her life, I want her here from the start.

Who knows? Maybe when extra-terrestrials visit Earth, Maya will be the one to greet them.

22 thoughts on “FFfAW: A Special Signal

  1. Love your spin on the prompt! A means to communicate with alien life. 🙂 I also love how you bring your daughter into because of the time it will take to finally communicate with alien life. She may indeed be the one to welcome them and communicate with them! Great story!

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  2. Interesting alien spin on the green tower. 20 years is a long time. Will the daughter want anything to do with aliens when she is twenty or will she want to be free and party like many 20-year-olds. Who will be her friends? What about education? Great writing.

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