Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Well, I did it. I jumped on the bandwagon and went to see Star Wars opening weekend. Now to be honest, I was planning on seeing it anyway. I enjoy Star Wars. It’s a neat franchise. But they hype over the past week and multiple “YOU HAVE TO SEE STAR WARS” from friends made me feel like I had to see it as soon as possible. Honestly, friends’ recommendations are the best sort of advertisement anybody who’s trying to promote something could hope for.


Now, I’m not about to review this movie like I usually review movies because I think part of the experience with Star Wars: The Force AwakensΒ is going in without expectations about anything. If you had any interest in seeing the new Star Wars movie, go for it. You won’t be disappointed. If you had no interest before, buy you’re looking for something to do, go see it. You’ll probably like it. It was a pretty good movie. Now, it wasn’t epic. Like, I’m not about to give it a 10/10 rating like so many people did, but it is worth it. I think part of the hype and craze comes from the fact that the franchise is so big in our culture and the newest movie was actually good, so it just makes everyone super happy that JJ Abrams didn’t botch it up.

Now to go forward with a vague review, let me tell you what I liked.

  • The CG was on point. It was actually really cool to watch the movie if not just for the special effects.
  • The characters were great. I appreciated the attempt at diversifying the main cast. (There was a black guy Β and a strong female lead.)
  • The soundtrack — I mean, you can’t really go wrong with the familiar Star Wars medleys.

Ahh, I really don’t want to say anymore because like I said, you should go in expecting nothing. Don’t look up spoilers!!

Although, it’s not as epic as so many people try to say it is, it is worthwhile and a fabulous return for the franchise. I look forward to any more that might follow. (Oh, that’s another thing, there was no really stupid cliffhanger at the end like so many movies I’ve seen lately where you have to wait a year to see what happens. Like, what’s up with that, don’t leave us hanging, Hollywood! Like with this one, it ends in such a way, that the viewer is satisfied, but there’s definitely room for sequels.)

Anyway, especially if you were going to anyway, go see Star Wars! πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Awakens

  1. Agreed on all counts. I am a product of the original set, saw the first one three times AT the theater. Agree about All but the last statement regarding there not being a cliffhanger. The door for a sequel was left about as wide open as it could have been. Will He accept what was his and take up the fight once more against the dark forces, returning to try and reform….well…you get my drift.😊

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