Flash Fiction: The Bicycle

Every week, Priceless Joy over at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers provides a photo prompt for participants to write a 100-150 word piece based on the photo. My submission for this week’s prompt comes in at exactly 150 words.

This week’s photo is from pixabay.com

To be honest, she was surprised no-one had stolen it yet.

It’d been a week.
They told her what had happened.
She refused to accept it.

As long as the bicycle leaned against his wall, there was a chance he’d step down those stairs and ride it over to her house, like he did every Tuesday and Thursday. He’d bring a daisy, stolen from Mrs. Bernman’s front yard, but when he’d give it to her, it’d feel like he’d bought her a bouquet of red roses. They’d talk over the dinner that one of them made. Life was looking up; there was potential in their future. Her work was going well. His job was coming through. Then they’d talk about staying together. The love in their hearts so strong it ignored the pains of their situations. They would never leave one another.

His bicycle was still there. He wasn’t dead.

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