Why I Really Want Quantico to be Good

*This video has a kinda sex scene, from 0:26-0:41, if you want to skip that or something… 

So, this fall ABC is starting a new series, Quantico. Based on what I saw in the trailer, the storyline doesn’t look particularly amazing. It didn’t grab me, which if I’m going to spend my time watching a TV show, I’d hope it’d engage me from the start. So why am I excited for this show? The lead. The main character of Quantico is played by a popular Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, and this is significant. This means that the main character of a US television show is a minority and a woman. As many have pointed out in recent years, despite the United States being such a diverse country full of many ethnic groups and cultures, popular entertainment often casts mostly Caucasians, and women are often weak characters. Recent movies have been changing that, and it’s wonderful to see strong female leads who aren’t just lame damsels in distress, but the lack of diversity in movies is still astounding. So the fact that Quantico’s lead is a brown woman is quite exciting. There’s not really much else to say here. I want this show to succeed because we need more representation of strong females and minorities in popular media. Good luck Quantico!


2 thoughts on “Why I Really Want Quantico to be Good

  1. Sounds kinda interesting. I’m curious what the main sorry ark of the series will be. If it is the framing, I might actually watch the whole season. If it is more of the drama though…
    I guess I’ll have to watch it and see 🙂

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