Flash Fiction Friday

Every week Priceless Joy offers a flash fiction photo prompt at Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers where we are asked to write a story in 100-150 words. My story clocks in at exactly 150 words today.

Thank you to Louise at the Storyteller's Abode for this week's prompt!
Thank you to Louise at the Storyteller’s Abode for this week’s prompt!

She had been ecstatic, waiting for this day for seven months, but now as the train pulled away, she felt.

Could it possibly be that she had grown to love the miserable wretches her sister had birthed? She had never liked children, hence her happy solitude and spinster status. They were so loud, so obnoxious, grimy, and selfish, especially ones as young as her nephews who needed constant care.

Of course she agreed to care for them. Obnoxious or not, they were still her blood, and she was far enough from the warzone to keep them safe.

Despite all the daily screaming at the children and yearning for this day to come, the goodbyes made her heart heavy. Disgruntled at the appearance of tears, she turned away.

It was an awful feeling; this love she now realized. It was as if part of her was chugging away with that train…

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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday

  1. I adore this twist to the prompt! Excellent! Brilliant to compare human emotions to that of a train pulling away from the station. (I really love the last line). Beautifully done, and thank you so much for participating in Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.

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