Mission: Impossible – Rouge Nation

So, I went to see Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation the other night. I hadn’t actually intended to ever watch it (I mean, the trailer was good and all, but I wasn’t seeking it out), but my friend invited me and I thought, why not?

Firstly, I think it’s important to mention that I have not seen any of the other Mission: Impossible movies.

Secondly, when the heck did Tom Cruise get so old?!

Anyway, the movie.The director of the CIA convinces the Senate that the IMF, Impossible Missions Force, is an outdated organization and has committed to many sketchy acts and must be shut down — just as Ethan Hunt starts making progress on tracking the shadow organization Syndicate. Without support from his friends, Ethan continues tracking the organization on his own, but soon realizes he does need help from his original team…

I enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t the best thing ever, but it was entertaining. I didn’t like the first half of the movie. I know Mission Impossible is notorious for the superbly unrealistic features, like ridiculous face masks or gadgets that are absolutely perfect for a situation and come out of nowhere. That was my problem with the first half of the movie. It was kinda slow to me and boring. Plus the ridiculousness of some of the things that happened just ruined it for me. The second half of the movie, however was very engaging and exciting. The plot of this movie was quite intriguing. As the players within the story were all clever, daring, and deceptive, it was fun to watch them choose their moves and see who was playing who and trying to figure out what team the characters were actually working for. No doubt then the characterization was good. I enjoyed watching them deal with the things that came their way. The action was on point and the stunts were well-choreographed.  The soundtrack was my absolute favorite part of the movie. The music was just so good and appropriate for the scene on the screen.

The mind-games of the characters in the second-half of the movie, the sweet stunts, and that soundtrack were what made this film worthwhile. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation was a good one-time watch. I don’t regret spending the time, but I would’ve been completely fine had I not gone to see it.

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