Poetic Wednesday: The Leaf

The Leaf

When the leaf
First felt sunlight,
She spread her wings
To embrace the warmth.

As she grew
Larger and stronger,
She communed with her siblings,
Breathing gently.

They did their duty,
Clothing the tree
In majestic beauty.

Soft winds did blow
Causing the leaf
And her neighbors
To sway and dance.

On stormy occasions,
The branches would shake,
Discharging all those
Weaker than the rest.

The leaf watched with sadness
As one by one,
Her neighbors lost their grip
And slipped off into the wind.

The breezes changed
And so did the colors
Of the leaf and her
Many sisters and brothers.

They lost the strength;
They lost the will;
To remain on the branches
Of the tree.

But the leaf
Knew her duty,
And would not leave
The tree to shiver nakedly.

While relinquishing his hold,
“Why do you stay?”
Her last neighbor asked
One cold autumn evening.

Without letting her answer,
“Look at you!
There is no purpose!”
He cried as he fell.

But before she could speak
And provide a viable answer
Her last neighbor
Was already at the bottom.

The leaf could not
See herself,
As her neighbor
Had commanded.

But judging by her lost friends,
She knew she was not
The spry green beauty
She once was.

The tree had no-one
But her now,
And obstinately,
She refused to let go.

She shivered through
The winter months,
Snow clumping against her,
Trying to pull her down.

She shook it off
With the little strength
She had left.

In decay,
She wondered if maybe,
She should have followed
All of her neighbors and friends.

Barely there,
She could not clothe the
Tree on her own,
Especially in such disarray.

The loneliness that
Had swept in long before
Encouraged her to
Just move on.

Just as she was about
To release her
Final hold on her branch,
She noticed something.

Tiny buds of many hues,
Cluttered all over
The tree’s many branches
Had begun to grow.

The happiness
Of the leaf
Truly knew
No bounds.

Letting go with
A final breath,
She knew the tree
Was in safe hands.

After all this time,
The noble leaf,
Did fall.

Ā©2015 The Glitter Aficionado

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