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So, I haven’t been in the blogging world very long…In fact yesterday marked a month for me! Yay! Confetti and glitter! Not only have I not been a blogger long, I also haven’t been reading blogs for long. But the amazing Ally from the wonderful blog The Scribbling Sprite has started a new blog tag to promote, as the title suggests, the discovery of new blogs! And trust me, following blogs, as I have started doing, is quite wonderful. There are many different people out there with unique voices that you will enjoy hearing. You will find your niche and the people whose thoughts you’ll want to make sure to keep up with!

You should totally check out Ally's blog. She has interesting things to say and is a reader like myself!
You should totally check out Ally’s blog. She has interesting things to say and is a reader like myself!

And now Koko from the cute little blog His Little Elephant has also tagged me. Thanks Koko! XD Be sure to swing by Koko’s blog as well!

These are the tag rules.

1. Share the picture above in your post and link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Share at least one blog you’ve recently discovered. (Try to say something about each blog)
3. Share at least one blog you’d describe as a new favorite.
4. Share at least one blogΒ  you’d describe as an old favorite.
5. Tag however many people you like.

Recent Discovery:

Well, for me they really all are recent discoveries, aren’t they? One blogger who has particularly captured my attention I actually only just met this past weekend. gabriel360live over atΒ A Little Me, ApparentlyΒ is a very good writer with a fun sense of humor. He writes poetry, short fiction stories, and I guess other things he feels like talking about. You should totally hop over and check out his stuff!

New Favorite:

Breanna over at A Sky Full of Stars has opinions and musings that she words very well and then shares with the world. It’s worth the time to look at what this lovely lady brings to the table.

Old Favorite:

The only blog I kinda followed before blogging became a thing for me last month (and I have completely caught up on it now) is the blog of one of my close friends, Caitlyn. At In This Twisted World, Caitlyn shares her thoughts on many things and also does cool stuff like song reviews. It’s quite nice to read her stuff! Check it out.

The people I choose to tag are the three people mentioned above: gabriel360live, Breanna, and Caitlyn. Go ahead and see if their styles fill your niche! πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “New Discoveries Blog Tag

  1. Congratulations on jumping into this eclectic generous community of bloggers. A year from now you will be amazed at the bounty you have given others and the friendships that feel as comfy as your favorite shoes. I’m so glad you are here 😊

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