Tumbling Emotions in Inside Out

So while sitting in the theater today (well when this posts, it will have been yesterday), I realized it’s been a while since I watched a Disney Pixar film. I missed the past three that came out, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to them. But I’m really glad I went to see Inside Out. It is a film that was very well done. The short that played prior to the film (I honestly forgot they did those!) was adorable. It was a story through song about a volcano looking for love—or as pronounced in the short lava. It was quite clever and fun. And then came the logo animations for Disney and Pixar. I always used to love the cute little lamp squashing the “i” in Pixar, and it hasn’t changed. Disney’s animation, however, has become quite sophisticated. Whatever happened to the simple mono-color castle design?

Then came the actual movie about the emotions of an eleven year old girl going through some big changes in her life. And the story was literally about her emotions. In the clever little tale, everyone has five emotions up in their head that control their reactions to the world around them. These emotions, joy, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger, also handle memories, and they must do their job well to keep a human mentally fit. When a mishap causes core memories and sadness and joy to leave headquarters, the young girl faces a new range of only bad emotions straining her relationships and ruining her hapiness. Joy and Sadness must work together to traverse the amazing inner workings of her brain to return her core memories.

Usually when I like an animated film, one of my go-to describers is “cute!” but that is not what I thought after seeing Inside Out. The storyline was surprisingly mature for being a Disney Pixar film. But what a fun storyline it was! The film kept me engaged from the beginning! I loved peppy optimistic Joy and sullen Sadness as well as the other three characters who lived up to their names. It was fun to see them personalized especially because their emotions weren’t limited to the ones they produced.

Following the adventure of Joy and Sadness was following the extremely creative minds of the people that put this story together. It was so clever… actually the idea behind this story was quite brilliant! It brought out many emotions in me. There were some moments fit for laughter, and as they weren’t lame, I did let out some audible chuckles. The story as a whole had a more serious note than other Pixar films though, and it was executed beautifully. Tears found the edge of my eyes more than once and actually jumped down to travel my cheeks once. The film was able to capture the frustrated emotions a young person often feels and the tensions within family that can be caused by big changes like moving as in this movie.

As it was animated, computer graphics were a necessity and as expected, they were impeccable. The voice actors did a great job! Amy Poehler played Joy and was great in presenting an exuberant optimist. The others also catered to their characters’ personalities well.

This movie overall was very good! It is based off such an interesting and creative idea and its execution will bring out the real emotions within you. You can be sure Joy and Sadness will have their fare share of pushing buttons up in your head if you take the time to see it, but after it’s over you won’t mind the tumble of emotions one bit.

Can you guess which emotion is which?
Can you guess which emotion is which?

13 thoughts on “Tumbling Emotions in Inside Out

  1. It’s on my list to watch with my granddaughter. I sure wish we’d had movies like this when our young emotions were running unchecked along with budding hormones and we didn’t know what was happening!

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  2. nice review, and nice movie… two of my favourite things.. But I felt it was getting kind of long… but at the same time it was very fun to watch it. It was a nice concept though.

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