Cherished Blogfest: Cherished Object

Oooh, I’m so excited! My very first Blog Hop! For this, any blogger who signed up was requested to present a little about a cherished object she owned. So, I chose what first came to mind: my Star Trek pizza cutter! Below you can see a picture of it in all its glory.

To boldly slice pizza as no-one has sliced before!
To boldly slice pizza as no-one has sliced before!

Now, it might seem a bit shallow at first, but for me this object represents a lot. Firstly, the obvious: my obsession with Star Trek. After about two episodes I fell in love with the Original Series of Star Trek. I remember that first episode I saw, Operation: Annihilate! The “aliens” looked like eggs and the overacting was preposterous, but after watching another episode, for what else does a 14-year-old do on a lazy summer day when she’s bored and her mom’s sitting there watching something new, I was in love. Yes, it was cheesy. Yes, the acting was indeed preposterous. Yes, Kirk had an overabundance of ripped shirts throughout the series…But it was fun. It had a certain charm, and despite the ridiculousness, it bore a sense of adventure that made me want to travel through space to strange new lands. I wanted to boldly go where no man had gone before. It was silly, but it still took me away. C’mon, it was the 60s. What’d you expect? And then Spock. He just made that show so perfect…I think we might have established that I love Star Trek.

This object here also represents the family time I spent watching this. My mother was the one who introduced my brothers and I to the show. It was something she had grown up with. We would spend long summer days watching episode after episode. Sometimes she and I would stay up late, well after my brothers had gone to sleep, to finish “just one more episode.” My family and I, we laughed together, felt the cheesy thrill together, and even cringed together. Along with the favorite episodes came cherished memories. I always look back on that summer with happiness. None of the others became obsessed with the show as I had, but they still enjoyed watching with me. Such family time is something not as common with us anymore and thus something I miss, but I can remember it with abundant joy.

Not only do I cherish this object for the sentiment and joy, but also the wow factor. I’m that crazy friend who will randomly blurt out “Did I ever tell you I have a Star Trek pizza cutter?! It’s like the coolest thing ever!!” I haven’t actually used it to cut anything though. Perhaps one day if I’m stranded in the desert, and it’s my only means of escape I might, but for now it’s on display for me to show off to people like you who care to listen or are reading this because you’re procrastinating something actually important.

So, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to mosey over to other areas of my blog. I write reviews, poetry, and things on my mind.

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The Cherished Blogfest is co-hosted by Damyanti Biswas, Dan Antion, Paul Ruddock, Peter Nena, and Sharukh Bamboat.

87 thoughts on “Cherished Blogfest: Cherished Object

  1. Hi. I came to remind you about the Cherished Blogfest, but I can see, with gratitude, that you are already at it–you beat me to it. So thanks and cheers!
    And you don’t strike me as shallow–the cutter looks glorious indeed! I’d love it myself.

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  2. Now this. Now this is awesome. 😀 It would have to be one very special pizza to make you use this, huh? 😉
    Also, THIS POST! I really enjoyed reading about why this is special to you! Despite one of the obvious (pizza – hello), that is sooo good and ajdkalkda that you have memories with your family like that! Family memories are so good and special! :’) ❤

    Koko @ His Little Elephant

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  3. I seriously enjoyed reading this! And now I need a Star Trek pizza cutter! 🙂

    And I’ll use it, too. You know, like when the pepperoni pizza alien ship is on an attack run — which will just so happen to look like it’s sitting still on the cooking tray — Kirk will order the pizza cutter Enterprise to ramming speed because shields are down and we’re out of torpedoes. So we’ll ram through their ship — which will just so happen to look like we’re slicing along top of it a few different ways — and force them to surrender as their ship goes adrift.

    Yeah, I really need a Star Trek pizza cutter. Possibly some medication too. 🙂

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  4. Lol –I’m one of those “who cares to listen or is reading this because I’m procrastinating something actually important.” …that’s cute. But discovering other newbie bloggers IS important. This is my first Blogfest too. Just wondering… are you afraid the pizza cutter is an ufo in disguise?

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  5. That is really cool! I am a big Star Trek fan — I once held Star Trek convention with Q as the guest speaker — he was a great guy. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting – it meant a lot. Survivor Duck thanks you, too. 🙂

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  6. Gene Roddenberry was totally ahead of his time! Pretty sure he got the inspiration for Star Trek via direct download from the Divine so that makes the Star Trek pizza cutter super cool!

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  7. LOL LOL “to boldly slice” – that poor pizza cheese is running for cover !! Congratulations on jumping right into your first Blogfest and doing it so successfully. This was such a fun read, and I love your spitir and, although not a Trekkie fan, your light-hearted fandom and good writing makes me want to stick around and see what else you enthuse about.

    Perhaps the next Blogfest should be “To Boldly Go” and we could tell one brave thing we have done or a brave thing we would like to do !! Such inspiration we find through blogging !

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  8. I knew we would have something in common! I, like your Mom, grew up watching Star Trek. Of course I was in love with Kirk and that carried on for many years, even into his Star Trek movies. Perhaps it was because he was so good at rescue scenarios. ha. I still love Shatner because he has a sense of humor, especially about himself. And that pizza cutter is awesome. I feel the same way about my Dr. Who coffee mug. I still dream of a Sonic Screwdriver…….

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    • Oh Kirk. XD
      Shatner is pretty cool!
      Thank you!
      Ooh! Your mug sounds pretty sweet!
      You know… You could get a sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately the ones you could buy won’t have the same attributes and functions as the ones on the show… but still cool!

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  9. That pizza cutter is too cool 😀 I’m not a Star Trek fan (Star Wars… does that make me the opposition?), but if I got a random kitchen utensil — like, say, a pizza cutter, and it was Star-Wars-branded… I’d keep it in a glass case and I’d totally randomly blurt out, much too often, that I possessed it and how cool it was. (You know what? I’m going to go get a Star Wars kitchen utensil. Keep an eye out for it in the next Cherished ‘fest 😀 )

    Loved the post.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

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