Watching Daredevil

Alright, so I’ve only read one Daredevil comic, and that was last year, Daredevil: Yellow, and when I was about to dive into it, I knew absolutely nothing about him. What blew me away, once I did read the comic (which I definitely do recommend as a fabulous intro to this superhero) is the fact that he was blind but still able to perform his epic feats! He was simply amazing, and I have mad respect for the character. And then I heard of Marvel’s new series coming to Netflix this past April. Needless to say, I was excited, but also a tad bit disappointed since my family doesn’t have Netflix (which is probably a good thing since I’ve heard so many distraction-harboring-through-series-binge-watching horror stories). So when I could, I’d mooch off of my generous friends if they were willing to watch with me. So after all that, I’ve only seen a few episodes.

I like the show. I’ve liked how they’ve portrayed Daredevil and I love the casting. All the actresses and actors do very well, and I appreciate their talent. Each one fills the shoes of the personality of their character quite well. It’s as though they studied the part and learned how to be a new person. The special effects are on point, and I speak both of the well-done CGI and the talented stuntmen. But what I find most impressive is the storyline. It’s completely engaging, action-packed, has elements of drama as well, but isn’t over done. And I love how things play out within the plot. For example, and for the sake of preventing spoilers I shall attempt to be vague, in one episode a woman decides to let a man know she trusts him. Instead of dropping some lame “I trust you” dialogue, she passes his something silently to prove her trust. I loved the scene for that reason alone and it brought to mind that old cliché, “Actions can speak louder than words,” and in this case they did while also making the moment, in a sense, more intimate.

So, the show has great acting, great effects, and a great, well-developed storyline, but there is one drawback to the show from my view. With any action film or show, there’s bound to be violence, and Daredevil has a lot of it, but some of it can get quite graphic. It’s a little embarrassing (or maybe not so embarrassing depending on how you look at it) to reveal that sometimes I have to cover my eyes. Of course, it’s not for every action sequence, but there’s one specific scene that comes to mind along with the word overkill where I decided to hide behind my hoodie. I could very well hear what was happening, so I figured there was no reason for me to see it. Daredevil is another hero who wants to stay away from murder, so he doesn’t kill, but some of his actions seem a bit close. I suppose it would be nice if Daredevil was a little less handy with violent techniques, but that’s why he’s not my favorite superhero, just one I like. And I can deal with hiding from time to time, so watching Daredevil is still fun for me.

It’s thoroughly made, and applaud the director for a job well done. As I haven’t seen the entire season yet, I know some might think it’s premature for me to give my thoughts on it, but I think a TV show has to grab its audience within the first two episodes (if starting from the beginning) and needs to show its potential within the next couple. So, if my opinion does change at all after watching the rest of the season, I’ll be sure to post my new thoughts. Daredevil is another Marvel win, and if you have access to Netflix (I’m jealous!) and like intense action, then try it out!* Watching an episode or two won’t hurt; even if it feels like the action is in your room, it’s not.

Oh, and I did want to add that my favorite part of the series, which isn’t even about the storyline, is a recurring item in every episode; I love the opening credits sequence. The CG is beautiful. It’s all one color, but that simply makes it elegant. I find it amazing that a team of people sitting there can make such amazing effects for our viewing pleasure.

*I apologize but I’m not responsible for any binge-watching that might ensue.


8 thoughts on “Watching Daredevil

  1. I had heard a few weeks ago from a trusted friend that Daredevil was really good; now I want to watch it even more! I’m working on Arrow right now, and plan to watch Daredevil as soon as I finish. Then I will try to catch up on Once Upon a Time. So many series I have not watched yet!!

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