The Mask: A short poem

This is a little poem I just came up with. I hope you enjoy it!

The Mask

The Mask is alive,
It knows no bounds.
It preys on fear,
And also imagination.

For some —
It’s a welcome asset.
For others —
It’s meant to be kept secret.

The Mask goes
By many names.
Some call it Deception.
Some christen it Art.

The Mask provides escape.
The Mask provides disguise.
It can hide
What’s truly deep inside.

But the Mask can also showcase
Someone’s beautiful creative mind.

The Mask knows no emotion,
Other than the glee,
It obtains from stripping clean

The Mask is a token
Of the life we choose to live.
A choice we will make,
Will the Mask we take?

Right or wrong?
Benevolent or foul?
In this case,
The lines are quite blurred.

Though it wants to say,
It isn’t so,
The Mask knows,
In the end,
You are the only one,
Who can decide.

One thing I love about poetry is the fact that it can often be interpreted multiple ways. I do know, as the author, what my original meaning was meant to be, but even as I wrote it, I thought of what I felt was a better way to see it. So, I’d rather hear what you guys think! Leave a comment to let me know your interpretation of The Mask.

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